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Thank you for your interest in submitting your idea to CNN for consideration. While we are always interested in receiving new ideas to expand our programming, we do require anyone who submits an idea to complete the following form and to read and consent to the terms of the Release Agreement. Please understand that we receive hundreds of submissions and while we do our best to review all of them, we are not able to provide status updates on their review. If your idea is chosen for further development, a member of our production team will contact you. If you have a news tip for CNN, click here.

(Please limit to 200 words or less.) 
(Please limit to 200 words or less.) 

In consideration of CNN's review of the Material, I agree as follows:

1. I understand that no confidential relationship is entered into between CNN and me regarding the Material and that CNN may disclose the Material to various employees and/or others (even outside Turner) to determine its value to CNN.

2. The Material has not been previously disclosed to CNN and CNN has not made any promises to me regarding the Material. I understand that CNN is not obligated to evaluate or use the Material, nor to negotiate an agreement with me regarding the Material, nor compensate me for CNN's review of the Material.

3. I understand that consideration of the Material by CNN is not an admission of the originality or propriety of the Material and that CNN is constantly developing programming and other ideas independently and with third parties. I also understand that CNN reserves all rights to develop any ideas and programming conceived independently or with third parties, without obligation to me, even if such ideas or programming are similar or identical to ideas or other content contained in the Material.

4. I hereby waive any and all claims against CNN pertaining to the Material (including, without limitation, claims for breach of implied contract and/or copyright infringement). I understand that CNN will not make any use of any legally protectable portion of the Material unless CNN and I agree in a writing signed by both parties concerning compensation for such use.

5. I warrant that I am the either the owner of all rights to the Material or the duly authorized agent of the owner of all rights to the Material (other than any portion of the Material which may be in the public domain) and that no other person or entity has any right or interest therein.

6. I have retained a copy of the Material and agree that CNN is not obligated to return submitted copies of the Material to me.

7. In the event of any dispute pertaining to this Release Agreement or the Material, I agree that I shall not be entitled to rescind this Release Agreement and will neither seek nor be entitled to any injunction or other equitable relief.

8. I understand that for purposes of this Release Agreement, "CNN" includes its parent, subsidiary and related entities.




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